Teams MUST fill out a League Team Registration Form before the start of the each session.  Please print this form and turn it into the front desk.  This form must be completed in full include check or credit card information and mailed or deliver to the Soccer Dome front desk.  Divisions listed below are the typical day that they play games.  Know and understand the Snohomish Indoor League Rules.  Click League Rules to learn about our rules.
Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Coed 4
Coed 5
Men O30
Coed 6
Coed 7
Men Open
Women O30 Boys U8
Boys U9
Girls U8
Girls U9
Coed O30
Boys U10
Boys U15
Boys U16
Boys U17
Girls U10
Girls U15
Girls U16
Girls U17
HS Boys
HS Girls
Boys U11
Boys U12
Boys U13
Boys U14
Girls U11
Girls U12
Girls U13
Girls U14
Coed Open

NOTE: Additional Youth Leagues age groups are possible. Leagues with limited teams registered may be combined with other older or younger leagues according to the skills and desires of the Coach and Dome to make good fun competition.  Contact Dome for more info

Click Here To Download Registration Form