Have you never scored a goal? Do you feel like you are out of shape? Do you wish you could play way better than you do now? Do you want to be more than a cone on the field? Then we have the program for you!

Adult Clinics
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Clinic Information
Basic Fundamental Skills are introduced  for a good foundation which will include dribbling, passing, shooting and will also cover tactical areas of positioning, offense, defense will be included on every clinic.

First touch. This is the next step after learning to trap and stop the ball directly under your feet. Developing a good first touch in the direction which you want to dribble, pass to a team mate or to shoot is a big part of the game.

Improving on basic trapping and passing. Playing the ball with head and chest as well as feet. Using and gaining confidence in using both feet and the inside and outside of feet. This also includes learning to play the ball the way you are facing and playing the ball faster before a defender can close on you.